Vitae Peritia


Our offering for your business, your organisation, and individual clients

We can work either face to face or virtually

Benefits of face to face learning

  • Easy interactions with others
  • Quick to build rapport
  • Benefit of gathering together in a safe environment
  • Opportunity for fun and team building activities
  • Being away from the normal workplace

Benefits of virtual learning

  • Short skills-focused sessions
  • Our online learning modules are never pre-recorded
  • Courses designed for each individual client
  • Long term learning, as the sessions are recorded and can be downloaded by delegates after the event
  • We can support your in-house training teams by designing a full training course for them to run
  • Social distance, but small group learning in a safe environment
  • Save time as employees don’t have to travel to the venue
  • Employees from separate sites can work together
  • Save money on training rooms

Benefits for the delegates

  • Everyone has a downloadable link to the course, so they can relive the course and always refer back to it, so it’s never forgotten
  • Interactive, and with the opportunity to work in small groups in break out rooms

Benefits for individual clients

  • Counselling sessions are interactive on Zoom
  • Specific techniques can be recorded with the client’s consent, and the client can revisit the session, which helps with motivation
  • Career counselling sessions are also downloadable.
  • Interview techniques can be recorded so that the client can see how they perform during a practice interview. They observe where there is room to improve their body language, tone of voice and how they answer questions.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming can also be used in interactive sessions